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Please read the terms and conditions carefully. Any payment or use of service implies that you have read, understood, and accepted these terms and conditions in full. It is not necessary for the Client to have signed any document for these terms and conditions to apply.

Price Quotations


Charges for services provided by Livpaintsbuildings are defined in the price quotation that the Client will receive. Quotations are valid for a period of 60 days, after which Livpaintsbuildings reserves the right to alter or refuse to honour a quotation. A quotation may not be provided until photographs of the subject have been submitted.




The Client will be required to provide suitable photographs for the commission work to be produced. High quality images must be submitted in a timely manner so as not to cause delays to the commissioning process. The Client must understand that the quality of the photographs provided can impact the accuracy of the created artwork. If the photographs provided are not of suitable quality and clarity, additional photos may be requested. Any delays caused by the needing to request additional photos may impact the estimated completion time. Smartphone camera quality photographs will generally be good enough quality. Images from property websites or Street View are not considered high quality images and the Client will be asked to provide additional photographs.  


Deposit and Payment


Invoices will be issued by Livpaintsbuildings to the Client upon agreement of the scope of work. Invoices will be arranged through PayPal and a link to the invoice will be shared through email. The Client will be required to provide a current postal address as well as the address of the subject in the painting.


For a commission to be secured, the Client must pay a non-refundable deposit of twenty percent (20%) of the total commission cost, excluding shipping. Commission slots are allocated, and artwork completed, on a first-come-first-served basis from the time a deposit is submitted. Any estimated completion dates and project timelines given are accurate at the time of enquiry and are subject to change until a deposit is paid.  


The Client will receive a composition sketch as advised by timeline of the project. Upon receipt of the composition sketch, the Client will be required to pay the remaining balance on the invoice before work will begin on the final painting.




If the client chooses to terminate the services of Livpaintsbuildings after agreeing to a commission arrangement, Livpaintsbuildings reserves the right to retain any payments made.


If at any point the Client becomes uncontactable through email, the commission agreement will be terminated with no refund of payment. The Client will be considered uncontactable if 3 concurrent emails have been sent without response and at least 30 days have passed since the Client’s last email.

If the Client wishes to continue the commission at a later date, this may be done only at Livpaintsbuildings’ discretion. The Client may be required to request a new project quotation and pay a further non-refundable deposit to form a new commission agreement.


The Client must have permission to use any photographs that are submitted to Livpaintsbuildings. It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure they are not breaching any copyright laws.


Artwork Process


Once work commences on the project, Livpaintsbuildings will email updates to the Client at each key stage of the painting process – Composition, basic linework and completed watercolour. Minor alterations may be made at each stage as advised by Livpaintsbuildings. Once the Client has confirmed that they are happy with the finished painting, it will be posted out to the client along with any reproduction prints as required.


Livpaintsbuildings reserves the right to share ‘work in progress’ photos to social media unless the Client expresses their wishes to keep the project confidential (eg. If the painting is to be a surprise gift).  


Livpaintsbuildings retains the copyright to the artwork created from the Clients photos. If the Client would like to purchase the copyright for personal and commercial use of the artwork, a separate terms and conditions agreement must be signed by both Livpaintsbuildings and the Client.


Livpaintsbuildings reserves the right to create reproductions of the artwork for personal or commercial use. Should the artwork be used for commercial purposes, any features that indicate the address or location of the subject will be removed or obscured prior to reproduction to respect the privacy of the Client or owner of the subject. If the Client does not wish for the artwork to be reproduced by Livpaintsbuildings for commercial use, they must declare this upon placing the commission.


Livpaintsbuildings reserves the right to display the artwork on their website and social media pages. If the Client does not wish for the artwork to be displayed, they must declare this upon placing the commission.


The Client retains ownership of the physical artwork but must obtain permission to share photographs of the artwork on the internet or any form of social media. Any photographs shared of the artwork must be accompanied by a caption or annotation crediting Livpaintsbuildings. The Client must notify Livpaintsbuildings of any instances in which the artwork is shared online, by way of email or ‘tagging’ Livpaintsbuildings in any social media posts. The Client may not make any digital or physical reproductions of the artwork without the permission of Livpaintsbuildings. Commercial use of the artwork by the Client is strictly prohibited without further agreements in place.

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