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Hopefully any questions you have will be answered below. If you are still unsure of anything, do send me a message!

What does the process involve?

The process is broken down into three stages - Sketch, Illustration and Watercolour.

The sketch stage involves piecing together any photographs you have provided to create a compositional line drawing. The sketching is done digitally to help speed up the process and make amendments easier. Once you are happy with the composition, I move onto the Illustration stage.

The illustrating is where the piece begins to take shape. In my style of work, I use black ink in a variety of line weights to give shape to the building. I can always add to the illustration, but can't take away! So if there's any particular details you'd like included or something in the reference photos you'd rather not have painted, now is the time to let me know.

The last and most impactful step is the watercolour. This is where all of the colour, warmth, tone and shading comes in, and where all of the character really comes through. I use watercolour for the majority of the piece, but finish off with white gouache or paint marker highlights to really make it pop.

How long does it take and when can I expect my painting?

My production time can vary slightly and depends on the time of year, but is usually around 6-8 weeks. This is equally split between the three stages, so you can expect updates at each stage every few weeks.

For current wait list times, please refer to the homepage of the website.

Can you include people and pets?

Unfortunately I will not be able to include people or pets in your house portrait. I understand how special a home can be to our loved ones, and how our loved ones make a house a home. It is however my decision to not accept enquiries for people or pets in the paintings. It is not my area of expertise, not a subject matter that I enjoy painting and not a subject matter that I feel I can paint accurately, and therefore it an additional stress for me when creating the paintings. I kindly ask that you respect this decision, and I would be more than happy to give recommendations of other artists that may be able to facilitate.

How do I send photographs?

Once you complete an inquiry form, I will be in touch via email to open the conversation about your new painting. It is at this point that you'll be able to provide photographs.

How do I pay a deposit?​​

Once we have agreed on the project, I will provide you with a link via PayPal to an invoice where you can submit the deposit.
The deposit is 20% of the total cost of the commission (excluding shipping) and guarantees you a space. The deposit is non-refundable but you may postpone the project by up to 6 months from your arranged time frame, depending on my availability.
The rest of the commission cost will be requested when you receive your composition sketch, and full payment will be required before before work on the final piece begins.

How will my painting be shipped?

All paintings are shipped flat in a rigid and bend-resistant corrugated cardboard wrap mailer.

All orders dispatched to the UK will be sent with Special Delivery Tracked and Signed postage through Royal Mail. All orders to anywhere else in the world are dispatched with International Standard Tracked and Signed postage via Royal Mail which then gets handed to your national postal service. International postal times will depend on where you live but usually take 1-2 weeks.

UK Postage - FREE
INT Postage - £30.00

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