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Hello! I'm Liv.

I'm an architectural illustrator, painter and printmaker born in West Yorkshire and settled in Norfolk. I paint a lot of bricks!

Alongside being an illustratior, I work in architecture as a BIM Coordinator.

Below, you'll find answers to some commonly asked questions regarding my work, inspiration and experience. If there's anything else you'd like to know, do get in touch!


Liv x

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How would you describe your work?

I’d describe my style as being a modern, sketchy twist on a traditional watercolour, very much inspired by education in architecture. My art aims to capture the everyday beauty in architecture, and brings focus to the parts that make a place home. I love to paint anything that’s a bit old and wonky, places like that really have the character and charm to bring the paintings to life.

Where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration comes from Norwich, the city I live and work in, as well as the beautiful architecture i’m commissioned to paint from all over the world. I paint homes and shops that others might overlook, as I find beauty and charm in the everyday. I’ve always been intrigued by art that romanticises the mundane, as it makes my everyday life feel a little brighter. It influences my own aims to capture the brightness in the lives of others, through their homes, shops, and special places. 

What's your process like?

I use reference photos and lots of straight lines to map out the composition of the pieces, then use ink and watercolour on watercolour board to create the final piece. Each piece can take anywhere from an hour to a few days, depending on the size and detail. I definitely have noticed a change in process, mainly as i’ve moved from experimenting with different mediums to refining my skills in watercolour and pen work. I also try to find ways to make some of the less favourable parts more efficient, for instance I sometimes find the sketching process quite frustrating so I moved to a tablet to sketch digitally and make adjustments much easier. 

What qualifications do you have?

I’ve been painting since school but I started to specialise in architectural illustration when I went to university and learnt real technical drawing skills. I have a BA(Hons) first class degree in Architecture as well as GCSE and A-Levels in fine art and product design. 

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