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Heritage Materials - Washi Tape Bundle

Heritage Materials - Washi Tape Bundle

Wrap your gifts, decorate your favourite journal, or seal your hand written letters with a little something special. These washi tapes are specially designed and hand painted with watercolour paints for that beautiful traditional look. 


Grab all three of the Heritage Materials washi tape designs in one discounted bundle, composed of Hampshire Red Brick washi tape, Suffolk Blue Flint washi tape and Yorkshire Dry Stone washi tape. 


The Suffolk Blue Flint design is a fun and paintily representation of the historic building material, flint. Inspired by a beautiful holiday cottage I once walked past, the stone is striking for its bright blue hue. 


The Hampshire Red Brick design pays homage to my education and career in architecture and the many hours spent staring at bricks. The particular house that inspired this washi tape design was in Hampshire, hence the name! 


Inspired by the miles and miles of farmers fields in my home county of Yorkshire, The Yorkshire Dry Stone design reflects the higgledy-piggledy nature of the dry stone wall, and fun that comes with trying to climb them! 


Each roll is 10m long and 15mm wide, and comes shrink wrapped with a packaging sticker. 

  • Shipping and Handling

    All tapes are shipped in tissue paper wrapping, inside of a corrugated cardboard envelope. 

    The packaging is entirely recyclable, compostable and biodegradable. 

  • International Shipping

     We are thrilled to say that all products in this store ship worldwide! Please make yourself aware of any local import taxes, duties and fees that may apply when clearing customs. It is the customer's responsibility to pay these fees to receive a package.

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